Mostly Covers & a Few Originals

Thanks to everyone who has ever inspired me to play music, especially my parents with hours of smooth 50s & 60s jams on long drives to the beach as a kid, my dad and his whistling, my big brother Chris with his singing and endless love for sweet tunes, and my friends who've jammed with me for years: Paul, Cooper, Dewar, Mills, Ben, Sam, Margie, and Molly. You all continue to have a seriously awesome impact on my musical adventures.


DogRat is the tentative name of a band I'm in the process of tentatively forming with my friend Molly. Soon we'll be very popular.

Most of these songs have nothing to do with that band, but are songs that have inspired me as I've enjoyed imagining and pretending to be in a band.

These songs come from the most musically intensive two year period of my life. I enjoyed picking up some piano and even playing some drums, although my drums didn't make it onto any of these tracks. Perhaps I'll revisit them.

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These songs were all recorded during college or shortly thereafter when my voice was still young and sweet (now it's tough and manly).

I was lucky enough to be surrounded by great friends who were amazing musicians and they helped inspire me to pick up guitar, sing, and explore music in a way I never imagined possible.

I'm sure you're now bursting with excitement to listen to some sick Goo Goo Dolls covers ... go get em!!

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