Writing Club: 07/23/14


Exercise One

I think we chose cards, blind, and mine was, "The Bottle."

Before I knew what was happening, the alarm was screaming at me and my eyes were filling with tears as smoke rushed to fill every corner of the room. "Fuck," I said rather quietly, under my breath, in an attempt to not wake Jess and Andrew.

"Well ... the alarm probably already did that." My inner monolog replied in it's standard patronizing manner.

"Fuck, Fuck, Fuck." I screamed it this time as I burnt my hand sliding the oven tray back inside before swinging at the oven door causing it to snap shut. It was just then that Jess and Andrew came around the corner into the kitchen.

"Are you ok in here?" Jess said trying to contain her laughter. "Why are you wearing an eye patch?"

"Yup. Cookies got burnt."

"Yay ... cookies!!" Andrew screamed.

"Sorry buddy, we'll have to wait til tomorrow."

Jess was now fanning the alarm with a towel from the bathroom and it was off by the time I'd gotten Andrew back to his room.

"Sorry to wake you up, buddy. We'll have some warm chocolate chip cookies and milk tomorrow before dinner. I promise."

"Sleep tight."

"I love you." Andrew was already asleep as I pulled his door almost shut.

Jess looked worried when I re-entered the kitchen. "I'm thoroughly perplexed," she said. "What is all the paper in the oven?"

I handed her some of my rough drafts. At first she looked more confused. Then she glanced at me ... then at the eye patch ... then at the empty bottle on the table. A smile consumed her as she realized what I was up to. "Maybe I can help, captain," she said as she threw her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek.

Exercise Two

Open up to possibilities: We lsited things that we're all unable to do, then each chone one to give as a power to our characters. I chose, "I can't be invisible."

"Oh my ... Jimmy ... Where did you go?"

James chuckled out loud to himself gleeful at the realization that he had managed to disappear completely. He always knew he could do it, and his mother, Mary Jane, had always encouraged him to keep trying.

"If you try hard enough, you can do anything," she would always say... repeatedly backing herself into a corner during the classic parent/child questions game. Can I be a race car driver? Can I be a fire man? Can I be fire truck? Can I be a taxi driver? Can I be a business man? Can I be a school teacher? Can I be a daddy? Can I shoot fireballs at Ethan? Can I run as fast as a car? Can I fly? Can I be invisible?

James danced and twirled around the kitchen, wafting the air with his invisibility cloak, and taunting Mary Jane, who stood there a fool, totally visible to anyone who walked in to the room.

"I can teach you how to be invisibly mommy. It's really not that hard. Do you know where I am right now?"

"Are you still in the kitchen, Jimmy?"

"Yes ... Mommy!!"

James laughed at her ... "I'm on top of the table." A lie.

"I hope you aren't wearing your shoes up there."

"I'm not" ... James squealed as he rushed away. "Stupid screen door!" He said out loud as it slammed shut giving away his momentary location on his way to the yard.

"Don't forget your shoes," Mary Jane quipped as James left.

Tomgirl laid there motionless as James snuck up beside her. James was thoroughly enjoying being unseen as he terrorized the neighborhood. He could do anything he wanted now. "Who cares about being a fire truck when I'm invisible," he thought to himself.

As he got closer to Tomgirl, he slowed down and lowered to the ground, for the first time all day questioning his new powers. He inched closer, slowing with each move until he was within arms reach of her. After James had been laying there for at least two whole minutes, she snorted and readjusted, but then settled back into her wakeful doggie slumber.

It was at that moment that James pounced, yanking her tail more abruptly than he ever had before, and turning to run away. He honestly believed he was invisible, but experience told him to run the other way, regardless. Tomgirl chased him all the way back to the yard where she had no problem tackling him to the ground.

Exercise Three

Write about an opening; a hole, a fissure, a gap, etc.

Delta 1-4-2 was shaking wildly. More wildly than the passengers were prepared for. The four engines, each the size of a small car, were accelerating the craft directly away from the moon with a combined thrust of 240,000 pounds of force. Everyone was on edge.

Just two years ago, the trip to the moon had become simple. The mass production of carbon nano-tubes for use in next-gen batteries for the 48 billion mobile devices around the planet had finally made the production of a 62,000 mile cable suspended from the earth surface an achievable engineering task; humanities first space elevator.

The four day ride to the top of the elevator was no different than the two minute ride to the top of the empire state building, and the final trip to the moon was like a gentle ferry ride across the river to staten island.

The launch from the moon's surface, unfortunately, was a throwback to 20th century rocket technology.

After spending six weeks getting acclimated to lower gravity, the 48 passengers aboard Delta Flight one-four-two or one-forty-two, or the one hundred and forty second trip to mars, were finally on their way ... the ship shaking and swaying from side to side as the mismatched engine thrust was searching for the natural frequency of the crafts frame ... eventually getting to a small hole in the crafts structure forcing it to expand ...