Writing Club: 02/28/2013

Image Courtesy AstroLibrary.org

Image Courtesy AstroLibrary.org


Exercise Two

i don't remember the prompt.


Phone Call (one side)

"Yes. Exactly. It was a fake number. But! As it turns out, the chick who's number it really was is even hotter."

"Cuz she said hot things ... It was obvious, dude."

"Look, you're totally missing the point."

"What? What do you mean?"

"Ha ... Well, I have always kinda wanted to be a princess."

"Because, man ... no one ever tries to sweep guys off their feet. It's girls that get all the attention and love. It's fucked up."

"Haha ... Yup."


"Uhhhhh ... yyyyeah ... yeah ... um ... dude.  Look, I've gotta go. I'm pulling up to my apartment. I'll see you later?"


Text Messages

buzzz buzzz
Hey, this is Andy again. Sorry if this is silly, but you sounded really cute earlier. Want to meet up sometime?

beep beep beep
So you are trying the old switcharoo, eh?

buzzz buzzz
Haha ... Think of it more as an upgrade

beep beep beep
What did you have in mind?

buzzz buzzz
Seventy five cent beers at the comber tomorrow
And we can bring burritos to the bar because they don't have a kitchen

beep beep beep
You are so romantic. LOL. Sounds good.
I'll have a green bow in my hair.
See you around 7pm.



I hate sitting by myself at the bar. Why am I even doing this? She's probably going to be gross. Ug... burritos. That's how I go her to meet me? Jesus ... I have to piss. No ... I can't meet her on the way out of the bathroom. My hands will be wet. Shit ... do I shake her hand? Do I hug her? We've sent like a million messages to each other. She's late. Noooo ... I'm early. Damn it!

"Um ... hi ... are you Andy?"

"Yeah ... Dana?"

"Yes! ... Sorry my hands are wet. I got here a half hour early and already had a few beers. Want to go get some burritos?"



"Um ... I just wanted to say ... uuhh ... I think I'm in love with you."

"I think I love you too."

Exercise Three

Write a fight.

I swung at him as hard as I could. In a split second my mind found every weakness I hadn't seen before, it ranked them based on his vulnerabilities, and then it sent the words surging out of my lungs, bursting past the fucking lump in my throat, and pouring out of my mouth engulfing him like fiery dragon's breath.

But ... It didn't work ... Not even for an instant.

It should have hurt him. It should have burned him. Fuck him!! It should have completely wrecked him.

It didn't, though. He didn't care. He had never cared. What a fucking waste of my time. What an idiot. Both of us.

He thought his apologies were real ... but they weren't.

He believed them ... but it didn't mean they mattered.

This was his excuse? Rather than break up with me, he fucked my neighbor so he could weasel his way out of breaking my heart. Maybe it's better that I hate him. We'd probably hate each other eventually anyway. Isn't that what always happens?